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10 Best Video Ideas For Email Marketing Strategy

It is still alive and is a good way of building a relationship with the customers. Email marketing has undoubtedly changed a lot from what it was 10 years back. Back then, email marketing was promotion-driven. The marketers typically send newsletters talking about the deals and promotions of the business. Before, there was no relationship building with customers. The marketing was just a part of the promotion. 

Within few years, the concept of email marketing has changed drastically. Email marketing strategy, if not done well, can convey wrong messages to people. Also, many emails are just left unopen. People do the sign for the newsletter. But with continuous promotional messages in their mailbox, they seem to lose interest in the business. 

The right way of email marketing is to build a good relationship with the audiences firstly. Further, you can share tips and strategies with the customers to attract them to your business. Plan of posting content every once a week. Schedule all your goals out and do accordingly. Email marketing is no doubt the forefront of business marketing planning. 

There is a quite high chance that it conveys a much higher value than Instagram. Based on the research on digital marketing channels, email marketing displays that it is an effective digital marketing channel. 

Email marketing strategy is a sheer success if the business plans on using it the right way. Use captivating videos to attract the interest of the audience. The traditional marketing forms are boring and outdated. Using videos in email marketing can be pretty fun. Some best video ideas for email marketing are mentioned below.

1. Video Emails Helps In Marketing Local Event

Are you organizing a free event workshop in your physical store? Then, promote the same with a video in the email and send it right across. The audience loves to watch the video because it adds a personal touch to your business. It becomes more informative and less promotional for the customers. You can punch the last workshop clip with a sweet private message in the video to make it look attractive.

It is a nice push to your event; people walk through the store door to attend the event and return with a valuable business impression. Thumbnails speak a lot about your business. It is not just a photo but a message that you want to send to millions of audiences to open your email. A robust and powerful message on the video thumbnail is the way to successful email marketing. 

It conveys a much higher value than Instagram. Based on the research on digital marketing channels, email marketing displays an effective digital marketing channel. Video marketing statistics show the click-in rate of these emails as 300% high. Data shows that an audience opens an email immediately when they see the word “video” in the mail compare to video-less emails.

2. Landing Page Setup For Videos With Call To Action

Want your audience to just struck in the email, inbox, and video? Not really. Then, design a landing page for the videos that directly takes the audience to that landing page of business videos. The audiences get access to watch the particular email video as well as scroll down to other videos.

It increases the watch time of the videos. The audience stays more time on your business page. It helps your business in two ways. One, the audience watches the entire video of particular email marketing. Second, the CTA pushes the audience to turn customers.

3. Prepare Real Human Story Video

It’s hard to fool the audience. An email marketer talking only good about the products and services is monotonous these days. People love real things; they love to hear actual experiences. When you share a customer testimonial in the form of a video, they get to see the existing customer of your business.

You can share any story related to your struggle in the business world. It even inspires many to take the risk and follow the passion. The impact of a video testimonial is 100 times better than written testimonials. It develops trust, and the sales target rises high. Send these real videos in the email inboxes as a part of email marketing.

4. GIF Addition To Video Email Marketing Strategy

No one watches long marketing videos. Short, crisp, and fun videos always get thumbs up. A catchy, to-the-point video gains maximum reach to the audience. Break the chain of the traditional approach by adopting the GIF style. It is always a fun animation that says a lot in a few words.

In email marketing, GIF comes under the picture category. Cartoons, human moves, funny faces, or words jiggle are the different creative styles that excite the audiences. An attractive GIF has a 100% clickable rate than any plain text talking about deals.

5. Speed up In-House Sales Process With Video Emails

The sales team of your company has a lot of pressure. They have to meet the targets, deadlines before the financial year-end. It sometimes affects their morale. Make a video on “how salespeople can create video emails to meet their sales target” and forward the same to all the employees. It helps boost their moods, and they feel confident about closing the sale deal with video marketing. 

6. Increase Customer Base For Business

Every business wants to increase its customer numbers. Compare to traditional email marketing, a video email strategy for marketing is effective. Why? People love to watch videos and connect personally. Therefore, it is a good prospect for business to double up their customer base.

When a business owner comes and connects with customers in the form of video, people believe in the company’s mission and vision. Small business owners give personal information about their business set up, displaying their little effort towards the customers through products and winning millions of hearts. 

7. Record Behind The Scenes

Show your audience what goes inside the business. It is like a behind-the-scenes video. When you share the raw footage of the scenes, you gain the trust of the audience. Share your daily routine at work, show how you design a product, introduce the person or staff who design the beautiful product for your company.

It helps the audience to connect with you closely. It even shows your hard work in a fun way. It makes the audience believe your worth towards the business step.

8. Explainer Video Impact

An explainer video is fascinating to watch. It guides the audience through a step-by-step method. In fact, they understand all the details of your service or products through these videos. Your business must invest in explainer video creation and use it in email marketing. Email marketers say that the explainer video has high audience retention. But make sure that the explainer videos should be entertaining besides being informative. Thus, hire an explainer video maker to create a simple, creative, funny, yet informative video.

9. Thanks To Customers

Thank You is a small two words, but it has a valuable impact on customer’s lives. You do not have to create a video every time for business sales and promotions. Just a gratitude video helps you connect with your audience. Show them the respect, love and care that you have in your heart through a video. Use the video in email marketing.

Human emotions are strong, and the gratitude video helps you connect with human emotions personally.

10. Deliver Follow Up

Explaining complex subjects through text is no more valid in today’s time. Creating a video email for marketing helps you quickly narrate a problematic issue. When you shoot an interview with an expert on a complex subject, people love to watch and hear what the expert has to say.

People will love to share the video with others and maximize your business reach to save time. In a few words, one can easily communicate complex things, and the audience accepts them. A follow-up email video is like a reminder to the audience. It allows the audience to go back and recollect the interview session.


Visual impact is always strong, and it stays in people’s minds for a long time. The body language of the person in the video transfers a confident message to the audience. Direct business promotion and push texts offend the audiences. Videos are expressive which target human emotions.

Connect with both old and new customers through videos. If you do not have time to shoot a new video, you take up any old video from the last event or workshop and plan the present-day video content accordingly. It looks an extra work for an email marketer, but it meets the company’s sales target.

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