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Top 5 Live Streaming Apps for Android in 2021

Nowadays, mobile phones are the best to communicate with the people you like and it is coming out with new updates and software.

Now, there are multiple benefits of live streaming apps in the market which are used by many people or businessmen.

All have different amazing features that will make you fall in love to use. But in this article, we picked up the five best mobile streaming apps with unique features for your Android.

1. Livestream

Livestream is one of the leading live streaming apps in the market. It not only works on Android but also on iOS devices.

It is the most popular and useful for many users. Many people use this app for professional use with cameras and webcams.


Livestream has many unique features like it notifies when someone from your account who you follow goes live and even the user can find Facebook friends who use this software.

In Livestream, you can find the section where you can find the trending live or upcoming program. The user can also find the categories to find the streams on music, entertainment, sports, and many more.

You can even post or upload some pictures while doing broadcast like providing the details about the upcoming events and shows, or allow comments while streaming.

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2. StreamNow

After the Livestream application, I would recommend StreamNow which is another interesting live streaming apps.

You can use this on both iOS and Android devices. This allows you to monetize with the help of the subscription model.


After signing up for this app, you have to pay normally as a monthly, yearly, or even you can pay per session. If you are planning an instant live stream, then it is best to pay per session.

StreamNow also allows a commenting feature that helps in boosting the relationship and engagement.

Even it might increase the conversion rate as you can inform about the upcoming streaming events. There is also a monetization feature that is pay per view when the user can charge for every view.

You do not have to follow the long sign-in forms as StreamNow allows social login. This helps the users as they can secure fast login from social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. Facebook live

Almost all people are aware of Facebook as the best social networking platform.

At the initial stage, Facebook live streaming was available only for actors or performers. But now every Facebook user can go live and build their engagement.

Facebook live

It also allows the viewers to comment on the user’s live video and even allows them to react with emojis and stickers.

The user can live stream on the web as well as on the official Facebook app. The best part is anyone can share your live videos with their friends or groups.

It is easy to share as you can click on the live button and then the share button. You can share it publicly or with a group of friends.

Due to adding filters, text, and colors in the live broadcast feed. It has many features as you can change the option of front and back camera, donation button, and many more.

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4. Periscope

Periscope is also one of the best live streaming apps which have super easy and beautiful UX that makes it easy to use.

This app works for both Android and iOS. It allows you to search for other broadcasters and even you can stream in your own surroundings.


You can find the list of the popular broadcasters and you can follow them and watch them by their name and place. When you set your Pre broadcasting title you can select the active share option which means it can be easily shared on Twitter.

Like others, it also allows the users to comment on the live video. The users can also activate the locations as this will allow the users to find nearby viewers to interact with them.

With the help of periscope streaming, you can even for the people who are watching your video, hide chat, sketch on the live stream, and save the broadcast on your phone.

5. Streamago

Last but not least, Streamago is also the most popular live-streaming app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can stream live videos with the Facebook community including friends or publicly. It also allows the comment section during the live video.


You can even search for printing broadcast and the most popular one by heading to the search option.

It also has a replay feature as the users can watch the video even after ending the live stream. The users can also select the video quality while broadcasting as low, medium, or high.

So. these are the best 5 live streaming apps for Android that are most popular and useful in the market. I hope you found this article helpful and installed your favorite streaming app. 

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